I’m 52, Not Dead!

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for quite a while now. I’m in the process of looking for a better job and it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had phone interviews, in-person interviews, return interviews, and each time I’ve received the word (via email) that I was not selected. It’s a lot more impersonal receiving this news from an email than a phone call, but that seems to be the way job searches are conducted now.

I’m starting to take it personal.

Today my friend got news that she didn’t get a position that was a sure bet, and she was, understandably, shocked and hurt. She’s also my age (although she will say she’s 51) and she wonders if age discrimination was a factor. She had all of the qualifications, certifications and the related experience to easily win the job. But she can’t help but think that the person who was chosen is younger and therefore, “easier to mold.”

Because it’s a lot easier for me to get mad at an injustice done to a friend than done to myself, I have to ask, “What the Hell is going on?!”  Since when did having wisdom and experience become a bad thing?!

And so I begin this blog. It will be an autopsy of my career–going back in my past to recount all of the strange, wonderful places I’ve worked. Midlife job seekers are told to leave off experience on their resumes so as not to appear old. But here is a place where I can list any and every position I want and talk about my age and my feelings with candor. And of course, my identity will remain anonymous because, hey–I am employed.


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