How Did I Get Here?

yay-480896Sometimes I feel so anxious and I think I just can’t take it any longer. I feel like I can’t work here one more minute. I’m just going to walk out of the office and never come back. But where would I go? It’s like when I was a teenager and my home life was falling apart and I tried to run away from home but all I did was walk aimlessly around my neighborhood one afternoon and then return home. And my parents didn’t realize that I was “gone.” Nothing gained.

I didn’t always work at such a mind-numbing place.  I’ve worked for radio stations, television stations, newspapers, start-ups, small companies, huge monolithic corporations and the federal government (the biggest of them all).

So, in the immortal words of David Byrne, “How did I get here?” And more importantly, “Where should I go from here?” These are the questions I’m hoping to answer with this blog.


3 responses to “How Did I Get Here?

  1. At least you’re asking. So many people just float mindlessly. Don’t know if you meditate, but I do–and answers seem to come organically when I’m doing that. Maybe not during meditation but sometime during my day/night. Brings me a clarity of thinking.

    • I’m trying to meditate. It’s hard to stop the chatter of the monkey mind, and I keep thinking that I must be doing it wrong. But a lot of people do swear by meditating, so I will keep at it. Thanks for your suggestion!

  2. Glad you decided to blog out your frustrations, fears and hopes … allows us all to join you … and hopefully find answers ourselves.

    For me, gardening has been a way to disconnect and connect.


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