Separate Ways

JourneyThere’s been a new twist to my career saga:

I was laid off.

It happened last Friday afternoon, right before I was getting ready to leave for the weekend (so that they could squeeze their last drop of productivity out of me). It turns out most of the Marketing dept. was slashed, along with cuts across the board in the company. I was handed my last paycheck and an instructional pamphlet on how to claim unemployment benefits. No severance pay. No handshake. Just wham, bam, thank you m’am.

It didn’t come as a complete surprise because the company had been growing quickly, and it was a known fact that sales were not catching up with last year’s hiring surge. I would ask my boss if the company could support the rate of hiring, and he would shrug and say that the margins were high. I guess not high enough.

Even though it stings to be let go, I know from past experience that whenever I’ve been laid off, I’ve almost always landed in a better place. So, here’s to new beginnings!


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