Every Day Is Like Sunday

3207504967_9604f7624fIt’s been one week since I’ve been laid off. During these past seven days I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done. And I’ve been feeling anxious about having all of this free time. It feels like agoraphobia, except with time instead of open spaces. Is there such a phobia? I consulted Wikipedia, and did not this type of fear mentioned in the list of phobias. I did see a phobia for the fear of the number 4 (Tetraphobia), a fear of bright colors (Chromophobia) and the fear of having a fear (Phobophobia, naturally). Things could be worse.

Then I googled “fear of unstructured time” and found that the author Douglas Coupland has come up with a definition for this malady: Dimanchophobia, or fear of Sundays. Coupland explains that the term is not fear of Sundays in a religious sense, but rather a fear of unstructured time or “life in a world without calendars.” It’s funny, but when I was working at my previous job, every day was the same and it seemed like an endless series of Wednesdays. Now it’s changed to “Every day is like Sunday.”


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