The First Cut Is the Deepest

Getting the axeThis isn’t the first time I’ve been laid off. I’ve been made redundant three times before this time. And the first time was by far the worst. I was working at my dream job—I was an associate producer for a company that created 3D software that helped you plan your garden and home décor. It involved editorial decisions, managing artists and interacting with the engineering team. I loved it! And I never saw the axe coming. Our entire office was cut. To ease the pain, the company brought in an outplacement company to help us with our resumes and our job search. That was 1998—when companies still treated employees decently.

Every layoff after that first one stung less and took less time to bounce back from. After being laid off in August 2001, I started my own business, and my career as a video biographer might have taken off had circumstances (and my timing) been different. The last time I was laid off was in 2006. The company was an online start-up that was in its end days. It was a relief to be out of there and I ended up at another dream job—reporter for a community newspaper.

So I guess the lesson learned is that no job loss can hurt you again as much as it did the first time. And also–there is no such thing as job security anymore.


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