Lines On My Face

imagesThere’s all sorts of articles out there about how job seekers over the age of 50 need to look young, and many are even resorting to plastic surgery to achieve that youthful glow. I’m proud to say that I haven’t gone under the knife or had a Botox injection. I did, however, get Dysport injections around my eyes and forehead today.

I entered the clinic at 10:30 am and was given a clipboard with pages and pages of forms to complete, disclosures to read and waivers to initial and sign. I’m just glad that they didn’t ask for my medical directive. The nurse ushered me into the treatment room and talked about the options for making me look young again. You know, if they softened the lighting somewhat in that room, I wouldn’t look so haggard. Have they thought of that?

I was shown numerous before and after photos of patients, including the nurse herself who bragged that she was 89 (she didn’t look a day over 78). After the numbing cream was applied, the nurse handed me a big teddy bear to latch onto during the injections. I was already beginning to feel younger.

When the doctor was finished, he warned me that the results don’t appear overnight—it takes up to two weeks to see the full effects. I wanted to ask her if I had a portrait painted and stowed in the attic could I also achieve the same results, but I feared my comment would go over like a lead balloon

And okay yes, Dysport is essentially the same thing as Botox….but if anyone asks if I’ve had Botox, I can honestly reply, “No.”


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